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On Set for the Pilot

After hair and makeup, the groceries that I requested arrived and I was able to plan what I needed for each dish and get things organized. We started shooting and once I was able to start cooking, I felt more at home and comfortable. The challenge really was having to set everything up (mis en place) before the cameras started rolling. One cameras are rolling you can’t really say, oh, I forgot such an such ingredient, without cutting and starting over, so you really want to avoid that, especially when you have a heavy shooting agenda. It’s definitely a different way to have to think about things, especially if you’re like me and you’re doing three or four different things at a time off the cuff.

We had from 10a - 2p to shoot the pilot, but I actually want over by about an hour, so we wrapped a little after 3. The crew was very understanding and we wrapped and I got out of there so the film crew could pack up and leave and the cleaning crew could put the studio kitchen back together.

I didn’t realize it but the production company wanted to air the pilot like ASAP so they sent me a version to view and approve and then they posted it on Jan 6th.

If the ratings come in strong they may invite me back to shoot a season. We will see what transpires. Either way, it was a great experience, I learned a LOT, and I am thrilled to have had the chance to do the pilot.

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