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About the Show

In Season Two, we are on location aboard Yacht Le Rêve in the Virgin Islands!  Join us as we explore cooking aboard!

Watch and see some of the items we serve aboard Yacht Le Rêve!

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Season Two - click the title to watch the show!

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Trini Doubles Pic for YCS.jpg
Mahi Lob Sushi Collage for YCS.jpg

203 - Stromboli, Side Salad and Dessert

We kick off Season 2 with a little Tex Mex style lunch of Chimi Bowls (think taco salad in an air fried tortilla bowl) and Borracho Beans.  

Super fun and delicious Caribbean treat - Trini Doubles and Johnnycakes topped with Curried Chicken!  A delicious fresh pineapple salsa to top off the chicken, too!

Vegetarian and Pepperoni Sausage Strombolis are on the menu today, along with a fruit crumble, homemade ice cream and a super cool garnish!

Swordfish Skewers over Curried Orzo with Coco Mac.jpg

204 - 

Swordfish Skewers and a Curried Orzo Salad are the meal du jour.  Join us!


205 - 



206 - 


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207 - 


Fiesta Night Dinner with Capt Sandy and Margarita GOLD.jpg

208 - 


Mahi Lob Sushi Collage for YCS.jpg

209 - 


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210 - 


211 - 

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212 - 




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