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Finishing up the Shoot and Dirk heads to Florida

Shooting went by in a blur, we made some amazing dishes such as Mahi Mahi Piccatta, Chimichanga Bowls, Caribbean treats such as Trini Doubles, Johnnycakes with Curried Chicken, Lobster dishes including Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Bisque and a New England Style Lobster roll and much more. Cooking with Yacht Chef Sandy airs on the Roku Platform’s EatThis.TV app and is also available on YouTube and through my website One evening in the middle of the shoot, the crew of Esperanza II came over to sample the day’s fare and also went on a dive with Dirk and caught the lobsters we would use for the lobster dishes on the schedule to be filmed the next day. One of the lobster turned out to be an egg-bearing female so we had to let her go so she can make more baby lobsters for us.

When the shoot wrapped, we said goodbye to the film crew and again we had one day to relax before Dirk headed to Florida for another installment of his Advanced STCW training, which is required for our charter business.

While he was gone, I gave myself some TLC and really just rested, played with my watercolors, and ate leftovers that I cooked on the show! I tried to get off the boat each day to go to the pool or do something fun as well. It was really nice having cooked stuff so I didn’t have to worry about meals. Dirk came back on the 12th. In anticipation of heading to St Martin, we provisioned up at Pueblo and Moe’s Fresh Market. Can’t remember what we did for dinner - might have had takeout from Tap and Still on the boat.

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